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We are always in need of amazing people like you to help with events throughout the year. Please consider volunteering. Interested? Send the PTA an email:

All Year


Consider joining a committee!  

Community Fundraising Opportunities

Work with community businesses to raise

money for the PTA! Dining out and

shopping events that give some proceeds

to the PTA. Interested in helping?

Contact us!

LNCS Gatherings

Parents host events as fundraisers and as

ways to bring families together! Interested in

hosting an event? Contact us!


Throughout the year, the PTA markets events,

the school, and new products! Here is a list of just a few of the things we do: 

PTA Email Newsletters 

Social media 


Event fliers and poster design 

New products 


Community advertising


Interested in helping maintain or improve any of the above? 

We'd love to have you join us! 

Other ways to help

Business Sponsorship

Work with local businesses and LNCS

parents who want to support the LNCS

PTA by becoming sponsors! Do you own a

business that you’d like to share with the

PTA and LNCS familes? Let us know!


Help recruit new members! Encourage

parent participation, outreach and

recruitment. Interested in helping, let us




Throughout the year, the PTA needs help

making copies and distributing them to

teachers for all students! Interested?

LNCS Cares (lncspta

Help LNCS families and the community! Work

with school staff to identify needs and collect

from LNCS families and the community. Coat

drives, service projects, and more. Interested

or have ideas? Send us an email!

Fall / Winter 

EVENT Committees
Consider joining an event committee

Back to School Tent Event

New fundraising event with music, beer, food and fun! Potential committees: music, games, food, beer.


Pancake Breakfast and Family Fund Walk

Committees for planning ahead, or you can always sign up to help at the event.

Activities Committee

Help plan the activities for the Family Fun Walk.


PTA Tables

Plan PTA representation at the breakfast: ex., LNCS Gatherings, LNCS Cares, etc.

Mystery Bags

Collect items, coupons, prizes, and assemble bags. Do you or your employer have promotional items/swag you’d like to donate?


Meal Committee

Plan menu, coordinate with restaurants/grocery stores, and prepare food as needed before events.

Valentine’s Dinner

Committees for planning ahead, or you can always sign up to help at the event.

Silent Auction Item Committee

Recruitment of items:

Responsible for the soliciting and organizing and coordinating of the silent auction for the Valentine’s Dinner. Do you have an item you’d like to donate? Or would you like to help collect donation items prior to the event? If so, email

Auction set up and distribution

Responsible for creating forms for auction display, displaying items at auction, oversee end of

the auction, and distribution of items to winners.

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